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Dr. Anjali

Clinical focus:

Ms Anjali Kumar is a highly experienced Dietitian/Nutritionist in Mediworld. Her clinical focus allows her to modify the diet to address the medical issues, which need dietary modifications as part of their treatment. Her focus also involves participating in evidence-based studies or research, along with educating individuals and groups on good nutritional habits. Apart from this, Ms Anjali Kumar also provides nutritional intervention on various health conditions, and help individuals with advice on attractive, flavoursome, and nourishing food for patients, communities and groups.


Ms Anjali is a renowned Dietitian with an expertise in child nutrition, neonatal and pediatric nutrition. She completed her graduation, Bsc Life Science from Jamia Milia Islamia, followed by doing Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Delhi in 2002. She also did Post-graduation, Msc Dietetics and Food Service Management from the Institute of Home Economics. Additionally, she has a Certificate Course in Child Care Nutrition from the Institute of Home Economics.


Dr Anjali Kumar is one of the highly qualified dietitians who provide services like online nutrition, Detox Diet Counseling, children obesity, counselling and management of diet for diabetes. Additionally, she has done a myriad of clinical work related to food allergy, children care, infant care, gynaecological problems, Infertility, conflict and stress management in couples, Ante/Post-natal Care, etc.


Ms Anjali Kumar is an ambitious doctor whose aim is to face challenges and provide innovative solutions in public health development sectors and excel as a dietitian/nutritionist. She has worked with many physicians and other health care providers as a dietitian and provided solutions to the patients who are unable to consume food normally.

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