Couple Counselling

Infertility Counseling and Support for Couples

The journey of infertility treatment is not easy for any couple and it is difficult for both men and women. The feeling of depression, anger, and anxiety is common for many couples, and coping with this stress puts a lot of strain on their relationship.

Most clinics offer counseling sessions as a part of fertility treatment to support couples who will undergo or have undergone assisted reproduction technologies.

The counselors can help make your journey as successful, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. The primary aim of these sessions is to provide a safe environment where couples can work through their concerns and feelings.

Who needs counseling sessions?

The psychosocial intervention is highly recommended for:

  • Couples about to begin their fertility treatment
  • Couples involved in donor eggs or embryos
  • Couples with failed IVF or ICSI
  • Couples opting for surrogacy

Emotional health specialist assisting your journey

Many couples are given hormonal treatment that may affect their emotional well being. Also, most couples are not prepared for the emotional upheaval for the process of starting a family through IVF, when the IVF cycle ends with an unfavorable outcome or when they find out they will not be able to conceive. Coping with such stress and disappointment can be overwhelming.

Your experienced therapist will prepare you to make decisions about fertility treatments, coping with emotional ups and downs throughout the treatment and clear your doubts about donor gametes (eggs or embryos). He/she will help you cope with the failures of IVF and how to keep communication open with your partner. Your therapist will also help you handle the pregnancy news from your friends or families. At the same time, he/she will help you cope with your feelings of anxiety when you have a positive pregnancy test.

At Mediworld, we believe that infertility counseling can be an important component of the service and we have a team of experienced fertility counselors available to meet with you and provide counseling