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        Why Choose Mediworld Fertility to find the precious little miracle?

        We at MediWorld are proud to achieve a proven track record of success by turning 1500+ clients into happy and proud parents.

        Mediworld Fertility has become a name synonymous to trust for IVF treatment in South Delhi. Many couples face problems in achieving parenthood due to known or unknown reasons.   If you are among those couples, we won’ et you get disappointed as the most experienced and qualified are here to get you the joy of parenthood.

        Thousands of parents chose us to feel the delight in those little eyes that shine so bright.

        You will be under the supervision of the Most experienced fertility specialists on board

        Mediworld Fertility has the most experienced IVF specialists and senior embryologists on board. In addition to this, you can count on our highly qualified counseling professionals and lifestyle coaches to improve your chances of getting your bundle of

        • You will have the advantage of World class facility

        We agree, infrastructure matters when parents come to us with eyes full of hopes and hearts full of wishes. Therefore, we went the extra mile and brought world-class medical care facilities and high-end infrastructure.

        • You will be given Incredible care and 24/7 service as your health and dreams are precious

        We work round the clock to bring a tiny bit of heaven into your life. Mediworld Fertility has become the top-rated IVF treatment center in Delhi for our constant support and aftercare solutions that are provided to every couple.

        When IVF is recommended?

        You can search for the best “IVF treatment center near me” if you are diagnosed with certain health conditions such as:

        • blocked fallopian tubes,
        • uterine fibroids,
        • endometriosis,
        • male infertility
        • unexplained infertility

        What is the success rate of IVF?

        IVF is performed by specialists as per National Guidelines. Therefore, the IVF success rate in Delhi is higher. However, there are certain factors that affect your chances of getting pregnant and having a baby. For instance, women who are 35 years or younger and getting IVF treatment have a higher chance of getting pregnant. On average, the chances for a successful full-term pregnancy ranged between 40% to 70% per IVF cycle. Indeed, age is a crucial factor and the cumulative pregnancy rate can go up to 90%. The chances get lesser with increased age.

        Besides, the causes of infertility also play a role in your chances of getting blessed with a bundle of joy. In some cases, lifestyle factors like obesity, caffeine and certain medicines also lower the chances.

        Difference Between IUI & IVF




        General treatment order

        Early Treatment: Female, 32 Years of Age, Basic Care

        When other treatment choices fall short, the most successful approach is utilised.

        Egg retrieval

        One or two eggs develop spontaneously.

        Injections are used to produce 10 to 15 eggs.


        five to ten days of oral medication or injections

        10–12 days of injections to increase egg production

        Success rate

        12-18 %

        60-80 %

        Type of process

        Almost a natural conception

        occurs external to body


        It might take up to two weeks, but it's a simple process.

        2 to 3 visits are necessary. might take up to 2 to 4 months to finish.


        occurs within the body (Fallopian Tube)

        Takes place in the lab with the help of advanced technology

        Best used when

        instances that are less difficult and younger women

        PCOS, blocked tubes, menopause, endometriosis, adenomyosis, low sperm count, and spermlessness are a few examples of these conditions.


        Complex cases and older female ages are ineligible for usage

        can be applied to all types of male and female issues

        Causes of infertility

        Male infertility

        Female infertility

        Abnormality in sperm function or production

        Ovulation disorders

        Difficulties with sperm delivery

        Cervical or uterine anomalies

        Exposure to some environmental elements too much

        Blockage or injury to the fallopian tube

        Harm from cancer and its treatment

        Cancer therapy options


        Obesity that is mostly ovarian

        Infections & problems with ejaculation

        Femoral adhesions

        Undescended testicles


        Prior surgeries

        Prior surgeries

        Hormonal imbalances

        Hormonal imbalances

        Our Treatment

        Our Variety of Infertility Treatments in Delhi

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        In Vitro Fertilisation | Mediworld Fertility
        Laproscopy | Mediworld Fertility
        Hysteroscopy | Mediworld Fertility
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        How IVF Process works

        In this procedure, the wife’s egg is removed under anaesthesia and fertilised in a laboratory with the husband’s sperm. After three to five days, the embryo is returned to the uterus.

        • First IVF clinic in India to offer integrated counseling and support

        How much time does IVF take?

        May involve 2-3 visits:

        1. One day for pre-IVF preparation and check-ups
        2. For an IVF process, 15 days (Second Visit)
        3. Transfer of embryos (Required only in some cases)

        Is IVF painful?

        No, IVF can occasionally result in little pain or discomfort:

        1. IVF injections are purified and administered subcutaneously.
        2. Totally painless anaesthesia is used during the egg collection process.

        What is the cost of IVF treatment?

        The price of IVF therapy might range from around 1.25 to 2 lakhs. and is based on the following elements.

        1. Male and female infertility causes
        2. proposed therapy or technology (Including additional treatments & services)
        3. Any further current medical condition
        4. Genetic testing before implantation (If required)

        Patient's Speak

        Sunita Tiwari

        We had been trying to start a family for a long time but were facing a lot of trouble in conceiving. But the advice and treatment that we received from Dr. Neha Gupta at Mediworld Fertility changed that. Today, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter.

        Deepak Yadav

        After years of trying to have a baby and failing, I had lost all hope. It was only after I got the treatment that addressed the issues my body was facing that I was able to conceive. I cannot be more thankful to anyone other than Dr. Neha Gupta.


        I was facing a lot of problems in conceiving and had given up all hope of having a complete family. Thanks to Dr Neha Gupta and the treatment I got at Mediworld, I was able to give birth to not one but two beautiful babies.

        Why Choose Us

        Our Variety of Infertility Treatments in Delhi