Second Opinion Consult

Second Opinion Consult

Mediworld is excited to provide a second opinion consult to help you learn more about your fertility options!

Where You Go For Fertility Care Really Matters

Second opinions can provide new information and new possibilities on your journey! RADfertility wants to provide an opportunity to help you learn more about your diagnoses and treatment options with a second opinion consultation. The second opinion can be from any women’s health care provider.

Call (302) 602-8822 to speak to one of our Patient Navigators and schedule your appointment.

Our Patient Navigators will help guide you through the process of obtaining a copy of your medical records prior to your appointment. Please note that it typically takes two weeks for a physician’s office to send the medical records. This information may help eliminate duplicate testing and provide our physicians with a complete history for a successful appointment.

Second Opinion Family Stories

Many patients come to Mediworldfertility seeking a second opinion after spending some time with another center. Meet some patients that found Mediworldfertility to be a great fit – and later found success to help their families grow. Check out a few of their stories below:

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Patient's Speak

Sunita Tiwari

We had been trying to start a family for a long time but were facing a lot of trouble in conceiving. But the advice and treatment that we received from Dr. Neha Gupta at Mediworld Fertility changed that. Today, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter.

Deepak Yadav

After years of trying to have a baby and failing, I had lost all hope. It was only after I got the treatment that addressed the issues my body was facing that I was able to conceive. I cannot be more thankful to anyone other than Dr. Neha Gupta.


I was facing a lot of problems in conceiving and had given up all hope of having a complete family. Thanks to Dr Neha Gupta and the treatment I got at Mediworld, I was able to give birth to not one but two beautiful babies.