Yoga Program

IVF journeys can be overwhelming for couples and they have to face lots of emotional ups and downs during their journey of parenthood. Yoga is an excellent tool to manage your stress levels, relax and prepare yourself for the upcoming major changes in your body.

Yoga is a form of exercise and the safest way to practice. It is crucial to look for yoga classes for an intended mother specifically with a certified instructor who can adapt your yoga routine and yoga poses to the needs of your body.

What are the advantages?

Yoga is considered to be the safest and most effective form of exercise during IVF cycles.

Yoga during the IVF cycle helps you breathe and relax and can create positive energy to increase your chances of conception. Yoga sessions also prepare you for the physical needs of pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood. It provides relief from physical and emotional stress which your body desires during your treatment.

Other benefits of yoga for intended mothers are; it improves sleep, reduces headaches, lower back pain, etc., and ducting pregnancy it helps manage, sciatic pain, and nausea, reduces the risk of preterm labor, the risk of restriction on baby’s growth, and boosts strength, endurance, the flexibility of the mother.

Things to avoid in Yoga

Avoid any poses that will put stress on your stomach, or lower abdomen, and discuss with your instructor what poses are more suitable in your condition.

A basic rule to keep in mind is to listen to your body and stop whenever needed. The yoga positions should also be adjusted as per your varying mood as well.

Follow the routine as per your doctor or Yoga instructor

In case of an IVF pregnancy, we recommend waiting until about 20 weeks before starting the classes. Light breathing and relaxation exercises can be practiced at any time.

Yoga exercises for women going through the IVF cycle not only make sure you stay fit and improve your chances of conception but also prepare you for motherhood. So, sign up for yoga classes at Mediworld and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

How does Yoga Improve Fertility in Men and Women