Recurrent Abortions

The Best Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment in Delhi

Miscarriages are disheartening for a couple.

One can’t imagine the pain and trauma; a couple has to go through when they have to face multiple miscarriages.

If you are one of them and trying to conceive naturally. The pregnancy might result in yet another episode of miscarriage. Rather than getting yet another devastating news, present a new ray of hope by connecting with the Best Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment Doctors.

Mediworld Fertility is a renowned recurrent miscarriage treatment private clinic, where expecting mothers  get personalized care and treatment for complications related to

  • Hormones
  • Genetic
  • Anatomic
  • Infections
  • Blood clotting
  • Unknown

When miscarriages occur for more than three pregnancies consecutively, the condition is described as recurrent pregnancy loss.

Couples who are prone to a high-risk pregnancy can count on our Best Doctors for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment.

Most common causes of recurrent abortion

There are certain risk factors that result in devastating miscarriages.

Mediworld Fertility has become a renowned name for habitual abortion treatment among those couples who are struggling with the below listed challenges:

Previous Miscarriage: Prior miscarriage affect your chances of continuing the next pregnancy. The chances of miscarrying again is 30%-35% if you had a history.

Uterine factor: Uterine septum, Uterine adhesions, Uterine polyps or fibroids or any such uterine abnormalities need thorough treatment as they majorly become the reason for abortion.

Immunological factors: Antiphospholipid syndrome is a common condition in which the immune system attacks the tissues and leads to a failed pregnancy.

Genetic factors: Some couples even struggle with recurrent pregnancy loss due to chromosome rearrangement. It is a genetic condition which can be treated with IVF.

Age: Increasing age can also be a challenge for women to carry out a healthy and full-term pregnancy.

Male Infertility: Evidence also indicate that sometimes, male factor infertility also causes recurrent pregnancy loss.

Infections: It is very important to protect your body from infection because CMV, Toxoplasma and other organisms can result in pregnancy loss.

Lifestyle choices: Most couples are unaware but excessive consumption of coffee, drugs and tobacco by an expecting mother is devastating.

The above listed risk factors only account for 50% of the recurrent pregnancy loss cases. The rest belong to unknown factors and need thorough evaluation and assisted fertility treatments like IVF to overcome the issue.

Investigations for recurrent abortion

In order to provide the best repeated abortion treatment, our experts recommend multiple tests and diagnoses. A thorough investigation is helpful in identifying the root cause of the problem and safer treatment.

The scans recommended for Recurrent pregnancy loss treatment include

  • Thorough diagnosis of the uterine cavity
  • Hormonal testing
  • Immunological testing
  • Genetic and hormonal testing for sperm analysis

Mediworld Fertility is recognized as the best recurrent abortion treatment clinic because our services are backed with world-class infrastructure and the latest diagnostics technology.

A precise evaluation of the problem helps you to achieve a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Recurrent pregnancy loss evaluation and treatment

Our panel of doctors has decade long expertise in recurrent pregnancy loss evidence-based evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

We have the most advanced evaluation facility to help you experience the joy of parenthood. Once the problem is diagnosed correctly, the following treatment options are offered:

  • Surgical procedure for restoration of the uterine cavity
  • IVF treatment for a genetic arrangement of a healthy embryo
  • Specific medications for immunological imbalance

Medicines, surgery, or an advanced assisted fertility treatment, you will be recommended to have whichever is best suited solution to your problem.

Without wasting time on grieving, schedule an appointment for thorough evaluation and recurrent unexplained pregnancy loss treatment by the best doctors in Delhi.

Causes Recurrent Pregnancy Loss