Lifestyle Modification

IVF Lifestyle Modification

Battle Infertility: IVF Lifestyle Modification Coaching 

Did you know poor lifestyle choices can affect the success rate of the IVF cycle?

When you undergo treatment, it is best to adapt to some modifications to get the best outcome. Mediworld Fertility provides thorough guidance on lifestyle changes during IVF.

Eating for Two

Lifestyle modifications can improve the fertility rate

Your love for coffee needs to fade if you don’t want the IVF cycle to fail. Apart from caffeine, poor dietary choices or lack of exercise are also linked with your fertility rate.

Stress, your body weight, and a lack of support from your dear ones can also make things complicated. Therefore, if you are expecting, it is best to have a word with our experts and learn about the lifestyle choices that improve fertility your rate for you.

  • IVF is a complex process of forming an embryo
  • The success rate of an IVF cycle, therefore, depends on your body’s capability
  • For healthy eggs and timely ovulation, lifestyle modifications are essentials
  • Don’t want birth defects in your baby, ensure to adapt to lifestyle changes

Key lifestyle changes during IVF

When you undergo IVF treatment, you get a list of suggestions that you get from our panel of fertility specialists and life coaches.

Make yourself fertile with these healthy lifestyle modifications:

  1. Quit smoking and alcohol

IVF treatment depends on your body’s ability to produce good hormones, ovulate healthy eggs and conceive. Smoking affects the supply of eggs, whereas alcohol messes with your chances of conceiving. Reduce the risk of abortion or miscarriage by quitting both smoking and alcohol.

  1. Body weight management

Overweight or underweight women often struggle with high-risk pregnancies. It also affects your body’s hormonal levels. Our specialists can check and suggest what is the ideal BMI (body mass index) for you and how to maintain it.

  1. Limit the risk of STDs

Unprotected intercourse is harmful to your reproductive system. Stay protected and improve your chances of becoming a mother soon.

  1. Dietary modifications

When you are preparing to bring life into this world, you need to make sure that your body is ready for the miracle to happen. Therefore, eating foods that are rich in folic acid and protein is suggested. Our experts can share the list of food items and nutrients that you need the most during an IVF cycle.

  1. Healthy reproductive system

Along with the right food, certain medical conditions must be managed to improve fertility. At Mediworld Fertility, you get comprehensive guidance to manage healthy levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormones.

Does IVF seem like a roller coaster ride to you?

IVF is indeed a physically, mentally, and financially overwhelming process.

Not everyone is pro at maintaining harmony and moving ahead with zero stress. Couples who need help can contact our experts.

At Mediworld Fertility, you can thorough guidance and care from specialists. We can help you in multiple ways to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for you:

  1. Educate about the treatment process
  2. Prepare you for the decision making
  3. Maintain an open communication
  4. Provide mental and emotional support
  5. Be with you during the waiting period

Lifestyle modifications can increase your chances of getting good news.
If stress, trauma, or a busy schedule is causing stress, learn how to cope with it from our panel of experts. Contact us now if you need more guidance on lifestyle changes during IVF.