Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle Changes During IVF Cycle

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important. It keeps us young, reduces diseases, and boosts our immunity. Living a healthy lifestyle while going through IVF cycles is even more important as it helps improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during IVF treatment?

  1. A healthy weight is associated with many fertility factors with direct impact on outcome of your IVF treatment. A healthy weight is necessary for regular ovulation and it also helps balance hormones in your body effectively. On the other hand, obesity increases chances of PCOS conditions, irregular menstrual cycles and other side effects. Even after conception, obesity will increase chances of high blood sugar which leads to risks of birth defects in your baby. Gaining too much weight will make weight loss difficult post-delivery and not gaining enough weight is risky for your baby’s development.
  2. The food that one eats has an impact on the quality of eggs and sperms produced. A nutritious diet is required for optimum health and fertility of the couple. Good, balanced, and folate-rich diet helps you manage your weight gain, and helps you manage your BMI in a normal range. This is essential for optimizing your fertility. Eat small meals about 5-6 times a day and drink plenty of water to help your body. Make sure your diet includes a good amount of folate, Omega-3, vitamin D, zinc, iron etc. as these are important elements for improving male and female fertility during IVF treatment.
  3. Exercise helps boost your mental health. It helps release endorphins that make you happier and maintains positivity. Exercise also keeps you physically fit, keeping a safe weight gain.
  4. Alcohol, nicotine (smoking and chewing tobacco), and caffeine are all harmful to your body and it also decreases your chances of conception. As per studies, women who smoke require more time and IVf cycles than those who don’t smoke. So quit all the unhealthy habits until you deliver.
  5. A stressed body releases cortisol hormone which causes chaos in you. Reduce this stress by yoga, meditation, use of essential oils, and talking to dear ones.
  6. With all the healthy lifestyle changes during IVF treatment, you will improve your chances of getting pregnant as well as will improve your nutritional status required during your pregnancy.