Basic and Advanced Hysteroscopy


Issues like polyps, fibroids, and uterine adhesions affect the chances of succeeding in any fertility treatment you get. If you are dealing with any of the below-listed conditions, you can opt for hysteroscopy IVF treatment at Mediworld

Gynecological problems
Recurring miscarriages
Infertility problem


World-class infrastructure and expert specialists at Mediworld Fertility can help you to get rid of all such issues that affect your ability to become a mother. Our specialists have decades of expertise in hysteroscopy and infertility and can provide a range of procedures to let you experience the joy of parenthood. Schedule a consultation now to discuss the course of treatment best suited to your uterine pathology.

Hysteroscopic surgery for infertility

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure. In this process, problems of the uterus are diagnosed that might affect your chances of conceiving. Couples who lost hope due to unexplained fertility can consult our fertility counselors. A Hysteroscopy
procedure might be helpful to you. The vaginal examination is carried out with the following basic and advanced procedures:

  1. Examination of the uterus by inserting a light tube
  2. Outpatient procedure with no need for hospitalisation
  3. 10-15 minutes of pain-less procedure for a lifetime of happiness
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of polyps, fibroids, uterine adhesions and more

No cuts, no pain only a hassle-free procedure to let the doctors look inside your uterus and find out what’s stopping you from getting the world’s greatest joy. A quick hysteroscopy procedure for infertility is helpful in improving
the success rate of IVF treatment. So, schedule a consultation and let our fertility specialist turn your dreams into reality.

Hysteroscopy cost in Delhi

Mediworld Fertility is renowned across the country for its transparent and affordable packages. We don’t ask our patients to undergo unnecessary scans and treatment. However, hysteroscopy is an essential process to rule out all the possibilities of failure
of IVF. We are pioneering infertility treatment facilities in Delhi because of our honest pricing policy. We have the most affordable pricing plans for infertility treatment, though providing an exact estimate for hysteroscopy is difficult because everyone
needs a personalized treatment. Here are a few aspects that determine the cost of the procedure

  1. Vaginal exam
  2. Polyps removal
  3. Mullerian anomaly
  4. Fibroid removal
  5. Pelvic infections and diseases
  6. Tubal blockage
  7. Endometrial scratching

IVF Hysteroscopy Procedure

Depending on the intrauterine conditions, our fertility specialist can recommend you get IVF after laparoscopy and hysteroscopy or go with hysteroscopy IVF. During the embryo transfer stage in the IVF process, our specialist
can perform hysteroscopy for the success of IVF. In this procedure, endometrial scratching is performed to improve your chances of successful implantation. A range of basic and advanced surgical procedures are also performed as part of the pre-IVF hysteroscopy diagnosis.

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We excel in providing the care and support you need to fulfill your dream of expanding your family. Consult with our fertility specialists today if you struggled through a failed IVF cycle. We performed the most advanced hysteroscopy procedure for IVF and
other infertility treatments. Every couple is suggested to consult with our hysteroscopy specialist for many reasons.

  1. Improved chances of carrying a full-term pregnancy
  2. Safe and short procedure to identify abnormalities
  3. Faster recovery and shorter hospitalization time
  4. Minimally invasive painless procedure

No post-operative complications

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