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Pregnancy Calculator
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The timetable of a pregnancy based on the specified IVF transfer date, conception date, ultrasound date, last period date, or due date is estimated using a pregnancy calculator. The term “pregnancy” refers to a woman’s condition throughout the nine months during which one or more children develop inside of her. Usually, the birthing process takes place 38 weeks after conception, or 40 weeks following the last menstrual cycle. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that a typical pregnancy typically lasts between 37 and 42 weeks.

Pregnancy can be detected with pregnancy tests or by looking for signs including increased urine, nausea, exhaustion, a rise in basal body temperature, and missing periods. Hormones that act as indicators for pregnancy are found during pregnancy testing. Even clinical blood or urine tests can be used to identify pregnancy six to eight days after conception. The test findings, however, might not be available for some time. Here is a pregnancy calculator to help you determine when you could conceive as well as the due date for your pregnancy. Simply enter the necessary information in the Calculator to determine if you are pregnant or not.

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