IUI Treatment in Delhi and IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi

IUI Treatment in Delhi and IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi

What is IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)?

Intra-Uterine Insemination (also known as artificial insemination) is the process where your doctor will place the male partner’s prepared semen through the cervix and directly into the uterus.

IUI, medically known as Intrauterine Insemination, is a form of fertility treatment, where the doctor places sperm into a uterus directly. This, in turn, can improve the likelihood of pregnancy to some extent amongst those who are unable to conceive. Depending on the core issue regarding infertility, IUI treatment in Delhi can also be coordinated with the fertility medications and the normal cycle.

The primary aim of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tube thus increasing the chance of fertilization. It is one of the simpler, less complex, and less invasive fertility treatment options for many who are experiencing difficulty trying to conceive.

Who Needs Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment?

IUI, in essence, is comparatively less expensive and non-invasive than the more popular and invasive IVF treatment. Due to this reason, the IUI treatment cost in Delhi tends to be lower than the expenditure of IVF treatment. In some cases, many couples opt for IUI before choosing to progress towards IVF if needed. However, unlike IVF, IUI is mostly used to cure milder scenarios of infertility. Here are a few amongst them –

  • Mild endometriosis (a condition that potentially affects the lining of your uterus, known as the endometrium)
  • Unexplained infertility
  • People of the same sex who are willing to have a child of their own
  • Someone who is having issues with erection (erectile dysfunction) or ejaculation
  • Low sperm count (caused due to other health conditions, such as varicocele)
  • Decreased motility of the sperm
  • Couples who want to use donor sperms
  • Women with poor cervical mucus
  • Men with mild male factor infertility (sperms are not able to move from the vagina into the uterus)
  • Couples with psychological problems which prevent normal sexual intercourse

IUI is often suggested as a first-line treatment before moving on to more complex treatments such as IVF. The choice of treatment will depend on your fertility history, your partner’s fertility, and your medical history.

The IUI treatment in Delhi can be ideal for a single woman (or parent) who wishes to conceive a child. The procedure might be helpful regarding avoiding genetic diseases from the male counterpart as well.

How does IUI Treatment Work in Infertility?

The procedure of an IUI treatment is pretty straightforward. During the beginning of the treatment, you will be laid on an exam table while putting up your legs on stirrups. Later, the doctor will insert a speculum into the vagina and perform a similar evaluation to that of a Pap smear test. Now, he/she will attach a vial, which contains healthy sperm, to the end of a catheter. After that, the tube will be inserted through the cervical opening into the uterus.

The IUI treatment in Delhi usually works on those patients, whose cervix is blocking the entry of sperms in a way. For instance, if the cervix mucus of an individual is thick, then it may encumber the journey of the sperm. Moreover, the scarring of the cervix can promote the aforementioned issue as well. By forcefully pushing the sperm with a catheter, the doctor can deposit the sperm directly into your uterus. So, it will be easier to get pregnant.

Step By Step IUI Procedure

There are two approaches for carrying the procedure:

The Natural approach: Herein no ovulation stimulating medications are given and the procedure is carried out in line with the woman’s natural menstrual cycle. This is possible when a woman has a regular menstrual cycle.

Artificial approach: This option involves the use of medication to stimulate the ovaries and cause or regulate ovulation. It includes FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) injections followed by the artificial insemination step.

The detailed procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1: Ovulation tracking and ovulation induction
  • Ovulation tracking is a simple option that involves conducting a series of tests to identify an appropriate timeframe to plan intercourse for a successful pregnancy.

    At the beginning of treatment, ovulation induction i.e. hormonal oral medication or in the form of daily injections are administered for stimulating your ovulation. Using both of these techniques, the specialist can find an exact timeline when the prepared sperm is to be inserted into the uterus to increase the couple’s chances to fall pregnant.

  • Step 2: Collection and preparation of semen sample
  • At first semen sample is collected from the male partner, it is then analyzed and washed. The washed sample will then be used for insemination.

    IUI using donor sperms: If the male partner has problems with sperm quality or production, donor sperms are prepared for insemination. Donor sperms may also be used if there is a high risk of passing on a genetic disease.

  • Step 3: The insemination
  • This step is carried out during your fertile window. On the day of the procedure, the prepared semen is inserted into your uterine cavity with the use of a small catheter and a speculum. It takes only a few minutes.

    After the last step, you will be prescribed progesterone-based medications. After 10-15 days later, you’ll be asked to take a pregnancy test.

    IUI provides a relatively straightforward method of fertility therapy, and is more successful, in women who are not of advanced maternal age.

What to Expect after IUI?

Just like the IUI treatment cost in Delhi, the procedure, itself, is pretty easygoing. It is usually non-invasive and, therefore, does not cause any pain at all. Besides, it is also done during the natural egg-producing cycle of a woman. Thus, you will not need any medication as well.

However, you still have to follow the precautionary rules after you are done with the treatment. Your doctor will provide you with some medications, which you have to take daily. You may experience mild to moderate cramping following the completion of the treatment.

Here are a few reasons that may cause it.

  • Sometimes, the insertion of the catheter can cause irritation to the uterus. This, in turn, may cause moderate cramping. But, it will go away pretty soon.
  • Ovulation can cause mild cramping as well. Unlike the former, it usually lasts for a prolonged period. So, the patient is advised to visit their doctor.
  • Cramping, which occurs after a few days of the treatment, can be a sign of implantation. It may also indicate that the body is preparing for the period.

Take Care of the Patient after the Treatment

During an IUI cycle, the patients are closely monitored with blood tests and ultrasounds. There is a rare risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This condition happens when your ovaries respond too well to the fertility drugs that cause you to ovulate.

You will be asked to stay in the hospital while your ovaries settle down, and your doctor will help you manage the symptoms.

Why Choose Mediworld for IUI Treatment in Delhi?

There are several reasons, which prompt most patients to choose Mediworld over any other clinic in Delhi. Here’s what you need to know in this aspect.

  • The fertility-specialist group of Mediworld is pretty efficient, regarding both experience and handling state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, they can walk you through the procedure without any dire consequences.
  • Mediworld believes in offering a more personalized treatment procedure than a generalized one. This way, it becomes easier for the doctors to take care of your needs and progress by keeping them in concern.
  • The expenditure regarding the treatment and the aftercare process is quite low and affordable in Mediworld. As the procedure will be personalized, you will also get to know about the overall cost prior to the commencement of the method.
  • Last yet not least, Mediworld also follows the basic rules of hygiene by heart. Therefore, there will be no risk of infection or contracting the deadly COVID-19 disease when you are being treated here.

Mediworld Infertility & IVF Center is known for understanding the sensitivity of parenthood and we have helped welcome little bundles of joy into the lives of many parents. We offer the most effective, high-quality fertility treatments at affordable prices.

We create an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific situation while considering your fertility and emotional needs as well.

Intra-Uterine Insemination – IUI Treatment in Delhi

Whether you require a simple approach, such as ovulation induction or IUI (intrauterine insemination) or more complex treatment such as IVF, there are well-equipped leading fertility centers in Delhi. It is important to find the right clinic which will provide the IUI treatment all tailoring as per your situation.

Delhi has many reputed centers for IUI with specialized doctors offering the safest and the most effective treatment to treat infertility in couples. To maximize your chance of a baby, as quickly as possible, find the best clinic for you. At Mediworld Infertility & IVF Centre, we are the perfect place to start your fertility journey.

Success Rate of IUI Treatment in Delhi at Mediworld Fertility

The success rate of IUI treatment usually depends on the number of cycles that you have undergone. For instance, during the first cycle of the treatment, the chance of conceiving tends to be around 10% to 20%. However, once you have completed the same three or more times, the IUI treatment success rate will increase to almost 80%.

IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi

IUI is less costly compared to IVF and ICSI and can significantly reduce the overall cost of fertility treatment for many couples.

The basic cost for IUI in Delhi ranges from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 25,000 which depends upon your medical situation, fees of specialists, and reputation of the clinic. IUI treatment success rate of many reputed clinics is also quite the best and within your pocket-friendly budget as compared to other fertility treatments.

There are few tests that your fertility doctor will conduct before opting for you for an IUI treatment, as well as specific fees applicable for each step of the process. This additional cost also needs to be discussed with your specialist.

Factors that Influence IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi

There are several factors that may increase or decrease the IUI treatment cost in Delhi. The following are a few of them –

  • The chosen group of doctors and their overall efficiency
  • The stature of the healthcare centre
  • The usage of technology in the treatment
  • The number of procedures that patient has to undergo
  • Location of the center in Delhi (the hospices located in the populous areas may charge more money than the others)

Benefits of IUI Treatment

Many couples benefit from this minimal interventional treatment without any need to go through complex procedures such as IVF or ICSI.

IUI is particularly beneficial for couples with low sperms count or where the sperm's ability to move is impaired. It is also beneficial if a couple is unable to have sex because of disability (erectile dysfunction), injury, or if their partner experiences premature ejaculation.

The technique involves the direct transfer of the sperm into the uterus. This way, the cervical mucus or reduced sperm motility issue are overcome.

IUI also offers the option of using the technique during an un-stimulated cycle or natural cycle, thus eliminating the side effects of hormonal medications.

There is minimal downtime for a short time and then get back to routine life as normal.

The feeling of entering the world of motherhood is, indeed, heavenly. However, due to some health-related conditions, many women tend to miss out on such an opportunity. Thus, in case you are suffering from infertility or something similar, make sure to reach out to Mediworld Infertility. We will definitely aid you in your purpose. Good luck!

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